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Crane Equipment

Crane Equipment commonly consists of wire rope and an overhead lifting connection: (hook, rigging blocks) etc. Every crane application is different with many configurations available to ensure safe and secure operation With unparalleled access to a diverse supply chain, Oceanside assigns a crane specialist to every interaction.  This approach to business makes sure appropriate codes and standards are observed reducing any likelihood of failure.

Typically deployed in harsh environments, it is essential that every part of the craning solution is fit for purpose.  Every part of the system has to endure loading, weather, rotation and wear. Oceanside supplied wire rope is designed appropriately:

  • Rotation resistance

  • Non-Rotating

  • High structural stability

  • High breaking load

  • Strong abrasion resistance

  • Extended life of winch drum and sheave

  • Long operational life

  • Highly flexible

  • Abrasion resistant

  • Resistant against internal wear and strand breakage

See our catalogue for further product availability and information.

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